Masonry Bees

Key Features of Masonry Bees

Masonry bees are generally harmless because their sting is unable to penetrate human skin.


Masonry Bees are solitary insects unlike honey bees. They have the ability to establish their nest in a range of different cavities and even have the capabilities to excavate some of them on there own to create a suitable nesting place. Once established the nest particles are glued together with saliva to ensure the creation of a solid nest.

On occasions Masonry Bees have been known to cause a problem to properties by tunnelling through soft brick mortar to create their nest.  This generally only takes place in older properties.

It is rare for large numbers of Masonry Bees to congregate together and if this happens it is usually due to the fact that that vulnerable buildings tend to be repeatedly attacked. If this is left unchecked and a solution is not provided, severe damage can occur over period of time.

Although not as common, damage to modern houses is not impossible either. Small gaps left in otherwise sound mortar may be colonised. Although structurally not a problem, this can become quite stressful for some householders if this activity occurs.

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